Everpure Water Block

water block

Product Description

The WATER BLOCK is a overflow safety device that controls the maximum
consumption of water between 1.3 and 13.2 gallons (4.9 and 49.97 L) at one
single flow. It is commonly use for appliance like water dispensers,
washing machine, kitchen sink and others appliances that required direct
water supply connection. This device prevent flooding due to pipe burst or
appliance leaking and highly recommended for premises that has no water
drainage point, and will greatly protect your property damage and flooring
due to water leakage.

Device measures the number of gallons of water that have passed through
it, if this quantity of water flow continuously exceeds the set value, the
Pentair Everpure Water Block stops the flow and maintains this safety
condition until user intervention.

If the water volume does not exceed the set value, the Pentair Everpure
Water Block mechanically and automatically resets the measured volume and
is ready to restart a new measurement cycle. No external energy source
required – water simply flows through device.
This device is resistant to chlorine and chloramines damage.

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